the wine you come home to, the companion you enjoy with every occasion.

Meet the DUKE – a man whose noble background has exposed him to the finer things in life, yet he has a total disregard for creature comforts.

A man whose iron-handed discipline has won him many battles, yet his fighting spirit is diminished by the loss of life.

A man who rarely shows emotions, yet his practical and concise demeanour has earned him respect amongst men.

A man who is not mysterious, but rather discreet in all things.

But, most of all, the DUKE is man who is renowned for the quality of wine that he drinks and serves with his meals.

A life-long military career that took him to all corners of the world came to an end when our DUKE visited the shores of South Africa. Enchanted by the beauty of the Wamakersvallei and its delicious wines, he planted his roots in the town of Wellington.

Now he is driven by a single pursuit – to bottle and serve the finest, most affordable wines to enjoy on any occassion.

The DUKE invites you on his journey of discovery – join him, it will be an extraordinary affair!

“Be discreet in all things, and so render it unnecessary to be mysterious” 
– Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington

The DUKE range of wines pays homage to the namesake of the town of Wellington, which was established in 1840 and named in honour of Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, renowned soldier, and who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. As a general, he was famous for his stunning defensive skills, and his battle plans are still studied in military academies today. Wellesley later served twice as British prime minister.


Our Wines

Duke Chenin Blanc
Chenin Blanc
Duke Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
Duke White Pinotage
White Pinotage
Duke Merlot
Duke Pinotage
Duke Shiraz
Duke Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon