Duke’s Kitchen

Our DUKE is a man who is celebrated for the quality of the wine that he drinks and serves. Whenever he invites friends over for dinner or a braai, and even when he is cooking for himself, he is a man on a mission – his meals must fit in perfectly with his wines!

Not being a man who dabbles too much in creature comforts or fine dining recipes, he wants what is best for him, and of course for you too, without breaking the bank. The DUKE loves to cook wholesome food with fresh ingredients that are readily available and easy to prepare.

Put on your apron, step into the DUKE’s Kitchen and join him on his culinary quest. Be prepared – it will be an extraordinary affair!

Duke Chenin Blanc

Perfect with chicken & leafy salads

Duke Sauvignon Blanc

Perfect with seafood & green veggies

Duke White Pinotage

Perfect with sushi & pork dishes

Duke Merlot

Perfect with pastas & burgers

Duke Pinotage

Perfect with braaivleis & Asian cuisine

Duke Shiraz

Perfect with stews & curies

Duke Cabernet Sauvignon

Perfect with beef steak & lamb